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BLOOMIFUL AND OUR TOP 5 TIPS FROM T.J. TJ loves to see the brides dream dress! Her brides favourite flowers! The season! Her colours! Then important details.. Our brides height. Our brides shape and size! Her hands are important, we want our brides to feel comfortable when holding their flowers. During our consultations, I ask our brides to hold my pen 🖊 and then watch them lock their elbows! I always turn this into a little bit of fun! Our brides need to hold their bouquet by resting their elbows, arms rested on their hips! Strange to us all! So the bouquet sits perfectly!

The right bouquet should enhance our bride and her bridal gown! Like our image of Our beautiful Lady Diana here,

who's wedding was held in Richmond back in 1999.

Not cover it up but enhance! It’s Important that Proportion, Scale, Harmony, Rhythm, Balance, Unity and Emphasis is part of the designs..

The downside is quotes are sometimes a year away! No one can predict. FRESH FLOWERS So allow for market fluctuations, and importantly availability! Budget! A florist is a florist with a lot of experience, but they can’t guess the future markets! It a daily auction in more than three auctions over in Holland. We try, or usually increase our prices every January, by the current cost of living. Then finally! TJ says The scent of the flowers is wonderful and loves the delivery! Sharing that moment of delivery with her brides is the most and special time. Even pinning a buttonhole too her grooms... it’s that tiny final connection to the planning, and over a year in the making. Brides, grooms and our couples become very close during the planning time. . Then all that is left is to say..... I Do... Love You

Happy planning - TJ & Team are here to talk and assist! .

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