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January Winter Wedding Flowers

January is usually seen as a cold dark month, an uninspiring boring start to the New Year ahead, where most people begin a diet or a detox. Not in recent years, our weddings and parties have been off to a quick start, ending with weddngs on New Years Eve, and barely taking a breath for our first wedding on the first Saturday, which fell quickly on the 2nd January this year (2015)

Usually, in past years, it was a month for

Wedding Shows, Admin, Enquries and Consultation Planning meetings. But more recently Bride, Grooms and Couples are opting for cold winter weddings at the start of a fresh New Year ahead, Just like their weddings, or unions..

A Fresh New Start in their lives together, and the look is bright and colourful.

So, I thought, that I would share with you some fabulous options for this seasonal Cold Winter Month and see our weddings, and match the flowers on trend for this gorgeous time of year "January"

The Auctions and Flower Markets are full of lots of Gorgeous Foliages and greenery, but the early signs of Spring flowers are magically appearing, so winter couples should not feel at a loss, you will have Hellbores, Narcissi, Ranunculus, Anemones, Tulips… the list really does go on! And they are a welcome delight to see, after months of Winter weddings adorned with Christmas ascents and touches and lots of sparkle and candles and many long hours of wreath making and spruce stained hands.


The more dainty and delicate spring blooms


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