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Breathing Life Into A Still Room! Fragrance by Sandy Bay London

I have followed Sandy Bay London since the start of this fabulous and passionate company started out. As I love my flowers, and my weddings, I am always finding inventive ways in which to add scent into my brides wedding receptions. Your eyes are wowed by the decor, but why isnt your sence of smell? After all its a wedding!!! and theres lots of flowers..

The demand for flowers, has never been greater, matching colours and wanting your favourite flowers out of season? Yes, we all want Peonies and Roses all year round!!

Why wouldnt we.. they are lifes little luxuries on your wedding day!!

Due to the high demand, and the cultivation of flowers, the life,length and bloom!! in the perfect imaginable shape, form and quality is high of the growers list of importance. But, It is at the expense of its beautiful flower scent, Its main function, to attract its much needed insects, so its pollination is now a techincal method, rather than a natural one.

The scent of Flowers! is the very essence, especially coloured flowers that have now lost their scent, this has been sacrificed by the growers to achieve high levels of perfection.. Stem lengh, more colours, and varieties. They are now sadly without much scent at all!

So my many tricks with lemonade and fruits I have used for my brides over the years, has enabled me to bring a little light delicate scent, and smell to woo your wedding guests..

Up to now.... that is!

Now with Sandy Bay London candles, A heritage brand I endorse highly with the burst of all these beautiful floral scents, using herbs and fruits and much more... the scent was in the air, and the very fabric of their head offices, it was alluring and delightful!!! these much loved and missed scents have been extracted and blended, into these beautiful candles with passion and imagination from its owner, which are true to their origin. Sandy is very passionate about her product, and overwelmed by her own beautiful product, why wouldnt she be, she lit up as she explained the wonderful selection of blends and mixes that she uses. She loves it more than anything and I can understad why. Its just perfection in a candle.

With the new range of wedding candles coming soon. I will be spending some time with my brides, not just on the look, and the flowers, but the essence of breathing life into your reception. The Smell!!!!!!!!!! The Scent!!!!!!

Not just for girls (brides) either - But with the NEW Gentlemens club, our Guys (Grooms) will be adding these to their shoppig lists themselves.

Our Winter Wonderland Weddings will be having Sandy Bay Candles and we'll be showing you, and leading you into the World of Essence from Sandy Bay London's full range of candles and diffusers..

If only I had a scent pad here!! I would say - Please touch, breath and smell this!!!!

We look forward to working with Sandy Bay London candles so very much.

Congratulations Sandy Bay London - Hand poured here in the UK -

T.J. Designer Weddings and Our Christmas range at Rox N Wrapped Up!!

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