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The Groom Of Ones Own! How Wedding Planning Can Be A Lot Fun.

I write about you Grooms through passed experience, As a Wedding Florist,Event Decorator and planner, I find myself often working with the Brides more than the Grooms. However, in the past few years, more and more Grooms are rolling up their sleeves and getting involved in every aspect of the wedding.

This past weekend, more so than any other time. I worked with all the Grooms, more than the brides. We had so much fun in the planning stages and on the big day!! They remained calm and fucused, and seem to enjoy seeing it all come together and being involved.

Some funny highlights have made me giggle behind the scenes, and made every wedding this past weekend a joy to work on. Seeing how they love their brides to be, They wanted to help her, and take care of her, and take some of the stress and pressure away.

Our Story At TJ Designer Weddings

Our Grooms

I dedicate this weekends weddings to my Grooms

"Yes you guys" we love & Marry.. I refer to my Brides so much! and often don't you Grooms..

But, you girls find some great guys to marry!! we often forget the Grooms involvement.

Our grooms this weekend:-

Groom one, he was brilliant, the nicest guy and between us, we almost organised the day!!

Never a Wasted Journey Dan..

Congratulations to you and Jo x

Groom Two, He's been amazing!! Making all the appointments! even bringing me dinner offers "takeway"Fish & chips at the studio, so we didn't go hungry during planning!. booking all appointments for his bride and then, helping me launch our LOVE LETTERS!! Love you Jon.. Congratulations to you and Hollie x

Groom Three, He's bill was paid secretly by his family, and at the planning meeting! I got to say! the good news is your bill is paid!!! First time I have, ever got to say that. !!!! Loved Amy and congratulations to you both - I'll miss our meetings and chilling out with bubbles. x

Groom four, So funny.. He must be on fast dial, my phone has a habit of calling him, sometimes it was quite late! So sorry Ryan - Ella and you had a great day - a huge congratulations to you guys. x

I would like to raise a glass to our loved & cherished hubbies - YOU GROOMS TO BE.


The groom has to do a lot more than just show up, and get married these days! But with my experience your roles far exceed what is expected from this advice.. But this may help you for now.

There are a number of traditional Groom duties which you generally are your responsibility for!!

1. Choose your outfit

2. Choose the best man and ushers

3. Write a speech

4. Plan the honeymoon

5. Buy the wedding rings

6. Buy gifts

Happy Planning to all you Grooms and Brides- You Grooms and Grooms and Brides and Brides...

Its all in the detail guys.....

Call TJ if you want any help!! or advice x

Tracie Jackson (NCPF)

TJ Designer Weddings


As I am discussing, and writing about our Grooms... it came to me that working with two grooms is a MAGIC COMBINATION!!!! -

I often work on civil partnership and marriages, and constantly have had the best time ever in the planning.... You Bride & Brides have some competition with our guys ability to organise a fantastic day... so get your guy friends to help with the planning...

You wont go wrong...

Our Beautiful Brides:

Over many years I have worked with you girls... making 2 beautiful bridal bouquets.... thats the best bit!! and seeing you have the magic ceremony and marriage is just my girlie dream as a florist... So you girls... we only need your special guy friends to add a touch of perfection as only a man bestie friends can do, and help you in the planning would be such a great help... the rest is down to you girls..and as always, stunning, beautiful and a lot, of fun... x

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