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Your Bridal Flowers -

Bridal Bouquets, Bridesmaids and Special Guests

Classic, elegant, timeless, modern chic and vintage country garden designs, are our speciality.

We will design your perfect bridal bouquet, bridesmaid's bouquets and buttonholes to suit your style,

colour scheme & favourite flowers.

Bridal Bouquets


Your bouquet is an important part of your wedding, taking centre stage with you throughout your ceremony.


We provide expertly crafted and sophisticated bouquets which we tailor to reflect your style. We continue in the same theme to compliment your wedding party flowers for your bridesmaids and special guests.


Whether your blooms are in season or flown in for your day, we can ensure that they stay vibrant and beautiful right through until the next day. 

Handtied Bouquets


A handtied bouquet is a style of flowers that is designed as it is held in the florists hands, adding flowers and foliage as the design is built up and then 'tied' at a certain point to make sure it is held together securely.


Then we add the finishing touches to glamourise and add that something special.  Choose from our beautiful materials including: duchess satin, lace and crystals. You can also choose to add buckles and brooches.


Your bouquet will be something so special to you, you will want to hold it forever.

Shower,Teardrop and Presentation Bouquets


Our beautiful bouquets come in all shapes and sizes, much the same as our beautiful brides. This means that there is an ideal style and size just for you.


We can match bouquet colours to all themes. For our more adventurous brides, we can help you bring out your bold and vivacious side, by bringing your chosen colour scheme together with a range of stunning accessories.





You and your bridesmaids will look elegantly coordinated as you all walk down the aisle on your most important day.


As bridesmaids can be a variety of ages, we can help you choose a style to suit all, or individual bouquets for that bespoke approach to your flowers.


Choosing your wedding day flowers is a wonderfully fun and exciting time, one that you can easily share with your friends and family.



Grooms, parents, the best man and ushers all look perfectly matched to the bride wearing complementing flowers that set them aside from the wedding guests.


Including the bridal party and groomsmen with your flower choices, will add the finished look to your wedding day.



Top & Guest Table Displays


Whether it's a small intimate gathering or an elaborate wedding, we provide the skills and expertise to translate your ideas and desires and bring them to life.


For added magic and unforgettable floral displays, choose from a large selection of accessories from sparkling silver and glass candle arrangements, to characteristic antique goblets.


Outdoor Weddings


Whether your dream wedding is set on a seaside pier, an English country garden, a majestic stately home or nestled in a cabin in the woods, it's your vision and we will help you bring it to life!


There's something magical about celebrations that take place outdoors, for the bride and groom as well as their guests. We will show you how to take full advantage of being outdoors on your wedding day with our unique plants, flower and accessories.



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