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Mexican Inspired Bride

When it comes to decorating wedding venues, the; traditional, vintage and country garden, have been the cornerstones of wedding fashion for many years. There are odd occasions that brides venture out of these themes, asking me to create something a little more daring. However, none more bold, brave and inspiring as the talented Natalie Solanke.

As a wedding planner herself, Natalie's Mexican themed wedding was going to be a creation all her own, I am just happy I was chosen to bring it all together. She chose pink, yellow, orange and teel coloured drapes and flowers, with orange table runners and a mirage of coloured accessories, a vibrant and energetic statement that could only be Natalie.

When I asked Natalie about her inspiration for her Mexican themed wedding, she told me that it started with a 'Doritos' advert; what a crazy concept I thought, but how brilliant! She told me she was sitting with Barry her husband to be, one evening, looking at possible honeymood destinations when an advert for 'Doritos' lead them to a search of Mexico. Natalie and Barry found their perfect honeymoon desination on the Caribbean coast and were drawn to the wonderful colours and food that they would find there. Their cup of love for their chosen honeymoon destination, overflowed in to their wedding theme, where it would be shared with their family and friends.

The bridesmaids wore either pink dresses or floral dresses with Natalie's chosen colours. Barry's shoes sported a blue sole (chosen by the groom and the only blue element), they even dipped their cutlery handles in the paint of their wedding colours, testiment to Natalie's attention to detail and creative flair!

No stone was left unturned at this wonderfully romantic and colourful wedding. The Mariachi band with their guitars and trumpet, fully clad in all the traditional Mexican atire, were a fantastic accompaniment to their amazing day.

Let's hear it for the bride!

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