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Silk Flowers To Trend, Or Not To Trend? This is the Question....

As we are faced with increasing demands for silk flowers (hire) options only, we are finding more, and more ways to make it look real, and still smell that fresh flower scent, us florists crave! with my hidden secrets we can create the magic...

The average wedding is another question....

With so many cultural styled weddings requiring large number of tables due to the level of guests invited, the cost of decorating your wedding is phenomenal - remarkable, or exceptional, especially exceptionally expensive, if using fresh floral products.

Silk is becoming an option to hire only, and reduce down these costs.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Our brides are loving silk flowers. Here’s why…

Your silk flowers look freshly picked all day long – the flowers you want, whether they’re in season or not! The price of hired event silks only, will save you lots and lots of money.

Our New range of silk bouquets and floral wedding flowers will be launched next month, and in 2016 a full range of designs will be showcased at the pregious wedding venue Boreham House.

Dont miss us!!! please - We will show you how fab silks can be... even as a lover of fresh flowers. We know as designers how to capture the look... so many of our compeditors miss.

Our recent comissioned work at Boreham House - Excusively Designed and Produced by

T.J. Designer Weddings speaks for itself!!! Would you of guessed, its all silk?

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