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The Great Gatsby @ Mulberry House wedding show this weekend!

The 1920's are back! And what a wonderful era to be inspiring brides and grooms!

Since the release of the latest adaptation of The Great Gatsby last year starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire, 1920's themed events have been springing up all over the place.

The flare and decadence that is synonyminous with 1920's Art Deco fasion; bold geometric shapes, rich blacks and golds, gramophones, chaise lounge, feathers, beads and pearls, can be seen in hotels, shops and homes all over todays western world, you just need to look out for it.

The Banquet Suite at Mulberry House, has been transformed in to a veritable homage to 1920's style, using the rich blacks, brown's, gold's and creams that were haute couture of the time.

TJ Designer Weddings have taken this theme and are producing a display to wow and inspire their clients and visitors to the wedding show. From lavish lamps and lighting to glasswear adorned with pearls and candles, this show will be a trip back in time!

So if you are reading this blog and you are getting a warm, fuzzy feeling that 1920's rivival could be just the look you have been searching for... come and meet TJ and her team. You will not be disappointed.

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