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French Renaissance comes to Mulberry House wedding show this weekend!

If you have set your sights on a flamboyant wedding that would not be out of place during the time of King Louis XIV of France, then The Mulberry House wedding show this weekend is a must!

The French renaissance with its rich, heavy fabrics, buckles and bows incorporating the finest of detail, depict an italian heritage, cultivated in a way that can only be french. Picture if you will, the three musketeers or a masquerade ball; what a theme for a most regal wedding with bundles of opulence!

The Mulberry House wedding show this weekend is celebrating all the extravegance and nobility that the renaissance period afforded. TJ and her team are creating a display using Vibrant blue's, gold's and silver's that will grace the upper floor of Mulberry House and is guaranteed to have you thinking big about your wedding style.

So if you do nothing else this weekend, come and find TJ and ask her, 'are those really the legs of King Louis XIV?'

See you there!

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