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Bohemian Bliss at Mulberry House Wedding Show 10th May 2015 Special Offer!

When it comes to showing off artistic flair, none is so humble as the very earth and wild elements that surround us. We don't need to travel far to find inspiration for a beautiful scene with raw materials to create a wedding day design and fall in love.

TJ's Bohemian inspired wedding day creation, designed specially for the Mulberry House Wedding Show on the 10th May, takes the blossoms of the season, natural wood elements and subtle spring flora and fauna, and creates a scene inspired by their natural environment. TJ carefully adds natural accessories and old world charm...

and the answer is: a beautiful secret garden style design full of mystery and the promise of new life, just as spring intended.

The bohemian way and new blooms is a romantic antidote to all our newly weds; a new life together, rebirth and the blessings of nature.

Special Offer!

Were does the special offer come in? Keep looking out for news and you will see how we are packing a unique bohmian design at an affordable price, exclusive to visitors to Mulberry House Wedding Show this month.

Back with you shortly...

Much love,


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