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Flowers support Parkinsons

As an advocate of fundraising for charities, The Billericay & District Ball in support of Parkinsons on 4th October, is a must on my calendar. The Ball is at Orsett Hall and will be celebrating 10 years of wonderful work!

I feel so blessed to do what I love for a living, and work in such positive environments that my mind and my heart does go out, frequently, to those who live daily in difficult and stressful situations. It doesn't just stop there though does it... suffering isn't just a personal thing, it affects families, job and money and is a mater of survival for so many people. I believe that everyone is capable of being charitable if not with money, with time. I hope that if I ever need that help one day, it will be there for me.

The Billericay & District Parkinson's UK charity came in to my life through an old friend who are very much involved with this wonderful charity because Parkinsons is a daily battle for her mother and so therefore, her family. I often tell friends, or anyone who will listen. that, 'you will not meet more caring and loving people!'. My friend, Joanne Wright, is so hard working and so talented... how she finds time for a full time job and all her charity work I will never know...she is my inspiration!

If anyone reading my blog wants to find out more about this wonderful charity, you can visit their facebook page on:

My best wishes and love to Joanne, her family and the Billericay & District for your Anniversary Ball... see you there!

TJ xxx

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