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Leucandendron   (Safari Sunset)

Brown Flowers


Somewhat less common than other colours, brown flowers are a popular choice during the autumn months and variation in shades ranges from pale tan to dark mahogany. In Feng Shui, brown is the colour of nature, food and the circle of life, and such are perfectly suited to the kitchen and living room areas; anywhere people gather and food is prepared or eaten. Many popular species of flower, such as the chrysanthemum and rose, come in shades of brown and this particular colour is said to represent warmth and stability. Brown flowers make a wonderful gift for a new house as they invite balance and comfort into the home. Brown flowers by botanical name and common name:


Alstroemeria, Peruvian Lily

Anigozanthus, Kangaroo Paw

Anthurium, Painter’s Palette

Aranthera, Scorpion Orchid

Asclepias, Milkweed

Arachnis, Spider Orchid

Chrysanthemum, Hardy mums

Cosmos, Mexican aster

Hypericum, St John’s Wort

Leucadendron, Safari Sunset

Rudbeckia, Coneflowers


(In the left hand column there are a couple of examples of some of the brown flowers listed above.)

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